Waitomo Caves Wedding

Sneens are not normally what I would wear to a wedding, but this wedding was an exception!
Catherine and Graham  traveled  all the way from the UK and Hong Kong, arriving just 24 hours before their big day. However, when we met them that morning there was no sign of jetlag from these two!
The Wedding party came to a total of six- including myself, the celebrant Abbie Hyde, and the two guides from Spellbound Tours. After a beautiful drive we treked into the cave of the spirit. This was to be the place of marriage! I’d been told there was plenty of beautiful natural light shining in from the top of the cave…this was in fact NOT the case! Luckily I had come prepared with a few extra lighting tools and Libby the tour guide was a very obliging light stand =) Cue a last minute vow change happening under the light of Abbie’s phone and a shoe change out of sneakers and into wedding shoes – and the ceremony began. Catherine + Graham had decided on an elopement over a traditional wedding so their day stayed true to them and this was reflected in their words to each other throughout the very emotional ceremony. I multitasked not only shooting but also acted as a witness and signing the register which was a first for me! We finished the ceremony with bubbles and a group photo. I don’t usually drink on the job but every now and again I make an exception 😉
Graham and Catherine were very hospitable insisting we join them on their exclusive cave tour where we walked through caves with the most beautiful glow worms I’ve ever seen! We also captured some shots I was proud of given the circumstances were challenging from a photographic perspective. I can’t say I’d like to photograph in this type of environment all the time, but I was grateful for the opportunity and experience we got to have on the day.

Catherine + Grahams team:

Venue : Cave of the Spirit: Waitomo caves. A massive thanks To Pete and Libby from Spellbound Tours for their hospitality and help with all manner of tasks from lighting to carrying gear!

Celebrant: Abbie Hyde Marriage Celebrant | Flowers: Sharyn from Petal Passion | Photography : Waitomo Caves Wedding Photographer – Ruth Gilmour Photographer

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