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I think the relationship between the photographer and the person being photographed is one of the most important factors to creating amazing images. On a wedding day I spend more time with you than anyone, even your fiancé. For a portrait shoot you need to feel comfortable with me, otherwise it will show! So here are a few little snippets about me, or please feel free to have a sneaky facebook stalk. New Zealand is small...we might even have some mutual friends!

I'm married to my first love Dave, he is a a scientist, and there is never a dull moment living with him. When we got married he was a pyrotechnician, this is the occupation listed on our marriage certificate and yes we had an amazing fireworks show at our wedding.

We have two little people, Ruby (4) and Corban (2). I love the work life balance that being self employed gives us for family time. When I was ten I was a bridesmaid in my grandmothers wedding & wore my mothers bridesmaid dress.

I love working out, and ran my first half marathon a few years ago. I also like balance, my guilty pleasure is chocolate and you can usually find a stash in my socks drawer.

I was a high school teacher of Photography & Design and bringing this skill set into my work has helped me connect and communicate well with both adults and kids.

I'm still really passionate about sharing my love of photography with others and if you'd like to receive free photography tips and tricks straight to your inbox you can get the goods here or you can find me  sharing live tips on  the go on Instagram here or facebook here.

It’s not very kiwi like to blow your own horn, but I have been lucky enough to be featured on the wedding blogs listed below. If you are in need of some inspiration to help with your wedding planning, these are some great sites to check out.

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"Ruth is the real deal - professional, personable, friendly, relaxed, easy to connect with and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera! We had both our Wedding and family photos taken by Ruth. She has this beautiful way of putting you at ease and slots in so well as part of the team - she honestly felt like she attended my wedding as a friend who happened to take a lot of photos. Ruth thought of shots we would never have thought of, also amazing at organising those large family groups and those little details that really help remind you of your special day! We were also thrilled with the results of our portrait shoot, Ruth really captured the essence of that time in our lives and the love and connection we have as a family. Would highly recommend!"

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I'd love to catch up!