Raglan Family photoshoot

The Turners Raglan family photo session was one of those shoots that started out a little crazy, and in all honesty, half way through I wasn’t sure if I had more than a handful of good photos for them. I remember Nicole looking at hubby and saying’ this is a bit of a disaster!’. But so often shoots feel chaotic, and crazy, and with four young kids this is exactly what I had expected from the Turners shoot. This is why my session times aren’t limited to a certain number of minutes, it’s so helpful to have some buffer time for breaks, snacks, and to tip the toes in that delicious Raglan sea. After letting the kids have a run around on the beach and do some rock hopping, they were much more cooperative. It always works out….and if it doesn’t, I’ll get you back for another try (after doing hundreds of family shoots I have only ever had to do this twice)! We finished the session with some gorgeous smiling playing images, and to top it off we got the best of those Raglan sunsets for romantic couples shot!