September 8, 2020

How are you speaking to your clients?


It’s super noisy out there on social media isn’t it?! I use my phone for social and entertainment, so when I’m on my phone In social it’s pretty rare that businesses have my full attention. But when I’m in my inbox I’m in a better  frame of mind to process information. So it’s no surprise that email marketing has a better success rate than social media when it comes to converting leads to bookings. Have you or are you using email marketing to talk to your ideal client or to nurture past clients?

I resisted email marketing for a long time, but have recently seen the benefits after connecting with 10 clients over email during lockdown and coming out with three bookings. 

One of the things that has inspired me the most has been switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk. Mailchimp made me want to hit my head against a brick wall everytime I used it. Flodesk is a joy to use with intuitive on brand templates all ready to go for you to pop your content into, the process is quite similar to what you’d do when creating a blog.

Personally I have three lists. This one is for photographers, I have one for my clients so I can share products, updates, holiday specials. Lastly I have a list for hobbyist photographers who tend to come to my workshops. 

Sometimes I will use content I’ve already posted on social and expand on it into an email, or I might create an email from an existing blog post. Regenerating content you already have is a great way for your email list marketing to be sustainable!

If you are interested in setting up your email list there are lots of incredible resources and courses out there to help you get this started! I recommend taking a look at the free resources & courses available online by:

Jenna Kutcher

Amy Porterfield

Patt Flynn

Donald Miller

*I’m not an affiliate or partner with any of these businesses!

If you’re interested in Flodesk (add link) my 50 % off code is RUTH50. 

My second choice would be Mailerlite, or Convertkit if you want to spend a little more. 

That’s it for today.  I’d love to know if you found this helpful or have any questions.