The Rosomans- Raglan family Photography

Can we just talk about how sweet this family is?! And how beautiful is the colour palette of their outfits against that dramatic Raglan landscape?! From doing my own family photo shoots, I know that choosing outfits for your family photos can be really tricky and can cause a lot of stress for parents who are unsure how to coordinate everything. To help with this, on booking I send a ‘what to wear guide’ with ideas for outfit combinations, including colour recommendations, as well as some ‘what not to do’ suggestions. At the end of the day my biggest recommendation is ‘wear something you feel comfortable and fab in’, but if you want more guidance then I am here for it! But back to this gorgeous fam…..when I shared their images with Aleasha and Wade both shed a few tears along with some gasps of joy at seeing themselves as a family together like this. I always say that receiving such an emotional response from the viewers of my photographs has to be the greatest compliment. So much love in this little fam! x