Hi there! Photographing people is what I do best, I'd love to be involved in capturing you and your loved ones!

I’m not great at writing, I prefer to tell stories through imagery, so if you haven’t already done so please check out my galleries and social media links and hopefully you’ll see some common themes that weave throughout my work. 

If you’d like to know a bit more about me, I’ve jotted down a few bits and pieces below, or please feel free to have a sneaky facebook stalk. New Zealand is small…we might even have some mutual friends!

When I was ten I was a bridesmaid in my grandmothers wedding & wore my mothers bridesmaid dress.

I love working out, and ran my first half marathon a few years ago. I also like balance, my guilty pleasure is chocolate and you can usually find a stash in my socks drawer.

I was a high school teacher of Photography & Design and bringing this skill set into my work has helped me connect and communicate well with both adults and kids.

My favourite photographer and my partner in crime is my husband, Dave. We often photograph together and our clients tell us we are a finely tuned team.

We have a daughter called Ruby and we are pretty smitten with her. You can watch Ruby’s arrival into the world by googling: Birth Video – The Three of Us.

It’s not very kiwi like to blow your own horn, but I have been lucky enough to be featured on the wedding blogs listed below. If you are in need of some inspiration to help with your wedding planning, these are some great sites to check out. I have also created a Wedding guide based on my 10 + years of photographing Weddings, so email me if you would like a copy!