September 30, 2016

Hamilton Gardens Wedding

Its amazing how different a wedding can be from elaborate celebrations to intimate elopements! After getting to know my couples, I always look forward to seeing how they create their day to reflect who they are. Whether it be through details or tradition, Wedding days are a beautiful reflection of the character and values of those who plan them. Saranya and Eugene were going to do a registry wedding but a couple of weeks prior to the date they decided to create a small relaxed celebration with just twenty family and friends joining them. These two were easy to please with just one request for a photograph of their matching tattoos from a trip to Bali. The type of affection Saranya and Eugene have for one another is a photographers dream, all we had to do was capture their real and genuine tenderness for one another as we strolled through the Hamilton Gardens. Saranya and Eugene, we were so impressed at how you pulled off such a meaningful and beautiful day in only a matter of weeks! Thanks for having us along!

Venue :Hamilton Gardens | Saranya’s hair:Kess Hair and beauty | Catering: Hazel Hayes | Photography : Hamilton Wedding Photographer – Ruth Gilmour Photographer

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